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Posting videos guidance:


See examples of videos streamed from Youtube at

Note the coding of the first video included on this page and edit it according to the video that you post:

<youtube size="medium" align="right" caption="John Stockwell discusses the [[CIA]] and what he calls 'The Third world War', meaning covert US operations">Z9VxnCBD9W4</youtube>

You will need to replace the caption given here with your own caption and replace the identification code "Z9VxnCBD9W4" with the identification code of your chosen video.

To work out the identification code, look at the Youtube url where the video is viewable. For the example used above, the url is

The identification code you need to quote is the collection of numbers and letters that comes after the "=" in the url. In this case, it is Z9VxnCBD9W4

Insert the coding into your Powerbase article in the appropriate section.

Google videos

All other video formats can be posted too. Here is the Google video format:

<video type="googlevideo" id="1234abc"/>

Where id= is the Google video id (from the url).

Other video formats

See the full list of video formats supported by mediawiki software at