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The Global Tobacco and Nicotine Forum (GTNF) is an annual tobacco industry conference.

The GTNF 2016 was held in September in Brussels, Belgium.[1]

Speakers included:[1]

  • George Adams - Professor of Medicine at University of North Carolina
  • Renato Addis – Partner at public affairs consultancy EPPA
  • Vivien Azer – Tobacco industry analyst, Cowen and Co
  • Scott Ballin - Former vice president of the American Heart Association. Adviser to the University of Virginia
  • Germana Barba - Director of corporate affairs reduced risk products, Philip Morris International
  • Patrick Basham - Director of the Democracy Institute
  • Clive Bates - Founder of consulting and advocacy practice Counterfactual
  • Ian Benson – Global marketing director, NDC Technologies, and expert in the implementation of on-line near-infrared measurements
  • Erik Bloomquist - Senior analyst global consumer staples, Haitong Securities
  • Vaclav Borkovec – Prototyping engineer at Fontem Ventures (owned by Imperial Tobacco)
  • Bruce Clark – Vice President regulatory and scientific affairs at Philip Morris International
  • Simon Clark - Director of the tobacco industry funded group Forest. Clark ran several pro-tobacco campaigns including Hands Off Our Packs (2012) and No Thank EU (2013), and established the tobacco industry front group Action on Consumer Choice.
  • Seth Coblentz - General counsel at VMR Products, a manufacturer of vapour products
  • Miguel Coleta – Sustainability officer at Philip Morris International
  • Martin Cullip who blogs under the alias 'Dick Puddlecote' - ‘Consumer associate’ of New Nicotine Alliance, and spokesperson of The Freedom Association's 'freedom to vape' campaign
  • Geoff Curtin - Senior director regulatory affairs at Reynolds American (RAI) Services Company
  • Brittani Cushman - Vice President external affairs at Turning Point Brands, which manufactures smokeless tobacco and smoking tobacco in the US
  • James Cutforth - Global sector manager for tobacco at Domino Printing Services
  • Rui Faria da Cunha - Director general of the Society of European Affairs Professionals
  • Sinclair Davidson - Professor of institutional economic at the Melbourne's RMIT University
  • Abrie du Plessis - Trade law consultant who previously was employed by the Rembrandt Group, and has a special interest in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control
  • Karl O Fagerstrom - Clinical psychologist and an expert in nicotine dependence and smoking cessation
  • Jonathan Fell - Tobacco industry analyst and founding partner of Ash Park
  • Michael Fisher - Associate principal scientist at Altria Client Services
  • Dahlia Garwe - General manager of the Tobacco Research Board (Kutsaga) in Zimbabwe
  • Andy Gaunt - Chief Commercial Officer at e-cigarette company Nerudia
  • Giovanni Giordano - Director for Human Resources at British American Tobacco
  • Simon Green – Managing director, Alliance One International
  • Richard Grimer – head of product insight and innovation planning, British American Tobacco
  • Carolyn Hanigan – President of RAI Innovations (RAI's research arm)
  • Angela Harbutt - Founder of the Liberal Vision blog, who worked with Forest on the Hands Off Our Packs (2012) and No Thank EU (2013) campaigns
  • Jack Hennigfield - Vice president research, health policy and abuse liability at Pinney Associates
  • Ian Jones – Vice president of emerging products corporate, scientific and regulatory affairs at Japan Tobacco International
  • Mark Kehaya – Chairman of the board at Alliance International One
  • Patricia Kovacevic - General counsel and chief compliance officer for e-liquid and e-cigarette manufacturer Nicopure Labcs
  • David Levy - Professor of oncology at Georgetown University
  • Mike Ligon - Vice President corporate affairs for Universal Corporation (parent company of Universal Leaf Tobacco Company)
  • Mark Littlewood - Director general of libertarian think tank Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)
  • Wieijuan Liu - Vice President and principal engineer of Yunnan Reascend Tobacco Technology (Group) Company
  • Rolf Lutz - Director of product policy at Philip Morris International
  • Barbara Martellini - Assistant vice president for corporate affairs at Universal Leaf Tobacco (formerly with Imperial Tobacco)
  • Alan McGill – Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Marc Michelsen - Senior vice president of corporate affairs and communications at Fontem Ventures
  • Christian Mulcahy - Business development director at multiCIG, a UK-based supplier of e-cigarettes and e-liquids
  • Marina Murphy – Head of scientific media relations at British American Tobacco
  • Ashok Narasimhan – vapour and e-liquid company AltimaLife
  • Kyle Newton – Founder of Vapeix, the company behind the 7's e-cigarette
  • Ray Niaura - Director of science and training at the Schroeder Institute for Tobacco Research and Policy Studies
  • Mike Ogden – Vice president of scientific and regulatory affairs at RAI Services
  • Flora Okereke – Head of regulatory policy and engagement, British American Tobacco
  • David O’Reilly – Scientific director and R&D director of British American Tobacco
  • Carlos Palma – Global manager of sustainable agriculture at Souza Cruz (a British American Tobacco company), and representative of SindiTabaco, Brazil’s Union of Interstate Tobacco Industry
  • Roger Penn – Director of the tobacco business unit at flavour and fragrance manufacturer Mane
  • Ben Potter – Founder and director at Ecigwizard
  • Taman Powell – Lecturer in strategic management and innovation at Cardiff University, and founder of the XOLO e-cigarette
  • Christopher Proctor – Chief scientific officer at British American Tobacco
  • Nataliya Pronge – Director of global regulatory strategy at Japan Tobacco International
  • Howard Pugh – Senior specialist at Europol
  • Michiel Reerink – Global regulatory strategy Vice President at Japan Tobacco International
  • Christopher Russell - Behavioural psychologist and senior research fellow at the Glasgow-based Centre for Substance Use Research
  • Vince Sauvalere – Head of tobacco and counterfeit goods unit at the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF)
  • Tony Scanlan – CEO of UK division of US e-cigarette company Madvapes
  • Lea Scott – Vice president of agronomy services at Universal Leaf Tobacco Company
  • Jeroen Slobbe – Managing director of TDC of ITM group that specialises in tobacco machinery
  • Christopher Snowdon - Head of lifestyle economics at libertarian think tank the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)
  • Jim Solyst - Vice President of federal regulatory affairs for Swedish Match North America
  • Jeff Stier - Senior fellow at the National Center for Public Policy Research
  • David Sweanor - University of Ottawa;
  • Florian Teischinger - Data scientist at Japan Tobacco International
  • Marina Trani - Head of research and development for next generation products at British American Tobacco
  • Run Tully – Founder of TNV Ventures, a management consultancy in the nicotine and tobacco sector
  • Huub Vizee – Head regulatory affairs at the Delfortgroup (previously Imperial Tobacco)
  • Rupert Wilson - Owner and managing director of UK-based Strategic Business Consulting
  • Yushu Zhu - Independent chartered marketeer who has worked with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies on custom strategy for drug development
  • Jackie Zhuang - Co founder of Chinese e-cigarette and media trade show

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