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Karl McCartney is the Conservative MP for Lincoln.

Against SmokeFree Legislation

In October 2010, McCartney voted for the smoking ban to be overturned. [1]

In December 2010, he signed a letter in demanding that the tobacco display ban be reconsidered.[2]

Against Plain Packaging

McCartney was one of the 50 MPs who wrote to the then Health Secretary Andrew Lansley in 2012 expressing serious concerns over plain packaging proposals.[3]

“There is no reliable evidence that plain packaging will have any public health benefit; no country in the world has yet to introduce it. However, such a measure could have extremely negative consequences elsewhere. The proposal will be a smuggler’s charter. … this policy threatens more than 5,500 jobs directly employed by the UK tobacco sector, and over 65,000 valued jobs in the associated supply chain. … Given the continued difficult economic climate, businesses should not be subjected to further red tape and regulation.”

Voted Against Amendments to Children and Families Bill 2014

In February 2014, McCartney was one of only 24 MPs who voted against tabled amendments to the Children and Families Bill which would enable the UK government to:[4]

1. Introduce regulations requiring plain packaging for tobacco products;
2. Introduce regulations making it an offence to sell e-cigarettes to children under 18;
3. Make it an offence for an adult to buy cigarettes for anyone under the age of 18 (proxy purchasing).[5][6]

A massive 453 MPs voted in favour of the amendments.

Tobacco Hospitality

In May 2011, he accepted two tickets to the Chelsea Flower Show from Japan Tobacco International and lunch, worth £1,132.80. [7]

JTI spent £23,000 entertaining MPs in the UK in six months during 2011.[8]

For more, see Tobacco Industry Hospitality for UK Politicians.

External Resources

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