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Richard / Dick Puddlecote is a libertarian pro-tobacco blogger who has the same name as a Medieval wool merchant.[1] He is a member of the smokers' rights group Freedom2Choose.[2] Puddlecote says he runs his own transport business,[3] yet there is no "Puddlecote" listed as a Director at Companies House.

Denigrating Health Professionals

Puddlecote has called health professionals and anti-smoking academics "extremists", "health Nazis", "conspiracy theorists", "propagandists", "obsessive lunatics", "nutjobs", "miserable arseholes" and "systers" among others.[4][5][6][7][8] He has a category on his blog called “Health Nazis”[9]

Attacks Leading Tobacco Control Scientists

Puddlecote has denigrated several leading scientists in tobacco control:

  • Professor Simon Chapman

Simon Chapman is a Professor of Public Health at the University of Sydney, who has published some 440 articles in peer reviewed journals.[10] Puddlecote has referred to Chapman as a "Swivel-eyed loon",[11] who plies "his vindictive trade as Professor of Public Nannying at the University of Sydney. Chapman has been writing anti-smoking fiction studies since the very beginning of the hysterical crusade against tobacco enjoyment, so is a fully paid up member of the tobacco control irritentsia. However, despite Chapman's longstanding dedication to making up stuff evidentiary tobacco control, it seems that the laughable nature of the current drive to bedevil thirdhand smoke is just too ridiculous even for him." In the original the words "fiction" and "making stuff up" are crossed out, but clearly visible.[12]

"Its a Good Time for an Assassination"

In May 2012, Puddlecote called Chapman a "crusty Aussie crackpot" who had been taken contributions on a scientific paper from "fellow stark staringly insane fucktards tobacco control professionals." In the original "stark staringly insane fucktards" is crossed out, but still visible. In response to this blog, commentators advocated violence against Chapman:

One commentator said: "As much as I abhor violence, it is getting past the time where Mr Chapman is quite plainly deserving of a fucking big smack in the mouth."

This was followed by: "Yes! As much as I'm a peaceful person, I really feel this is a good time for an assassination! The media can dress it up as a 'lone gunman' or a 'conspiracy theory' whatever they wish. Just as long as he's off the planet." [13]

  • Professor Anna Gilmore

Puddlecote states that Professor Anna Gilmore from the Tobacco Research Unit at the University of Bath, who has published some 70 articles in peer reviewed journals, will "say anything for a grant" with "her trademark 'torturing of statistics for hire' consultancy provision (motto: no job too small, no untruth too big)"[14]

  • Professor Gerard Hastings

Gerard Hastings is the Professor of Social Marketing at Stirling and Director of the Institute for Social Marketing at the Centre for Tobacco Control Research. Awarded the OBE in 2009 for his services to healthcare,[15] he is described by Puddlecote as "Stirling's chief bansturbator" and an "utter clown".[16]

  • Professor Linda Bauld

Linda Bauld is a Professor of Socio-Management at the University of Stirling, who has published 40 peer-reviewed articles as well as six books. Puddlecote has said that she writes "superlative bullshit", and produces "propaganda",[17] who is "tainted" because she writes "her own equally financially-motivated studies", which are a "systematic exercise in avoiding the truth at all costs."[18]

Puddlecote suggested in response to an article in the Independent highlighting how Bauld had been receiving threats, [19], that threats against Bauld were "unacceptable". However, he then wrote that because Bauld is a "[shameless gobbler of tax funding] pristine purveyor of truth" that "if you will insist on talking bollocks in pursuit of derogating the lives of others, what else did you expect? Cry your crocodile tears if you like, but console yourself by wiping your nose on the Department of Health cheques you are happy to cash. OK?" In the original, the words "shameless gobbler of tax funding" are crossed out but still clearly visible.[20]

Attacks ASH

Puddlecote has said that the anti-smoking charity, Action for Smoking and Health (ASH) is more “barmy” than “creationists” or “flat earthers” that produces “fantasy” material.[21]

He also calls, ASH's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Deborah Arnott a "wanker" who is "paid for out of your taxes”.[22]


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