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British American Tobacco (BAT) is the world’s second largest tobacco company. It sells more than 200 brands in over 180 countries. Its brands include Dunhill, Kent, Lucky Strike and Pall Mall.

BAT has 45 cigarette factories in 39 countries. One factory also makes smokeless snus. The company employs more than 55,000 people worldwide.

BAT has subsidiaries all over the world. Often on the activity of these subsidiaries is discussed, for example, BAT Australia. An attempt is made to make it clear about which subsidiary we refer to when talking about BAT.

BAT says: "We believe that because our products pose risks to health, it is all the more important that our business is managed responsibly... Responsibility is integral to our strategy."[1]

The company also owns:

Lobbying and PR Companies

PR and lobbying firms that have worked for BAT:


Clifford Chance has worked for BAT.

Consultancy Companies

Other companies that have done PR or consultancy work for BAT include:[4]

  • Corporate Responsibility Consulting (CRC). One example of CRC's work is mentioned in a BMJ article analysing BAT's air filtration scheme. According to the authors, a review of BAT documents revealed that "...despite internal acknowledgment that ventilation and air filtration were ineffective at removing environmental tobacco smoke, BAT has extensively promoted these technologies to the hospitality industry since the mid-1990s". They quoted BAT scientist Nigel Warren who had also stated that the company’s interest in air filtration was primarily,
'To negate the need for indoor smoking bans around the world, particularly when we can provide pre- and post-filter air quality studies showing substantial air quality improvements.'
The authors state that BAT was responsible for installing Colt's air purifiers in venues worldwide and "urged the hospitality industry to turn to ventilation as opposed to smokefree policies. BAT worked with a group called Corporate Responsibility Consulting to install ventilation "smoking tables" in the Birmingham International Airport, which subsequently revoked its smokefree policies".[5]

Involvement in Tobacco Smuggling

Secret Funding for Tobacco Campaigns

Legal Action Against Governments over Health Warnings

Targeting Women and Girls

Funding Think Tanks

In May 2012, when BAT was asked to list the British based think tanks it currently funds or has funded in the last five years, with dates and amounts, as well as if it is funding groups active in the plain packaging debate, such as National Federation of Retail Newsagents, BAT replied:

British American Tobacco is happy to support those who believe in the same things we do – whether that be retailers against display bans or farmers against being forced out of growing tobacco.
  • Our support may be financial support, or resources in kind.
  • We do not tell these bodies what to say or how to spend the money.
  • Many of the bodies, in particular the retailers, feel deeply patronised at the suggestion they are merely industry stooges.[6]

Involvement with Durham University


In the EU transparency register, BAT lists that it is a member of various associations and networks around the world, including [7]:

European Cigar Manufacturers Association or the
European Carton Makers Association

It is also a member or supporter of:

BAT staff took part in:

Board of Directors

BAT's board of directors includes:[8]


BAT's management board includes:[9]

External Resources

British American Tobacco's website:


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