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Aidan Burley was the Conservative MP for Cannock Chase (2010 - 2015).[1]

Against Smokefree Legislation

In October 2010 Burley voted for the smoking ban to be overturned. [2]

Tobacco Hospitality

In August 2011, he accepted a ticket to the England vs India cricket test match at the Oval from Japan Tobacco International and hospitality, worth £579.[3]

JTI spent £23,000 entertaining MPs in the UK in six months during 2011.[4] For more details, see Tobacco Industry Hospitality for UK Politicians.

In 2014, Burley accepted two tickets for the Men’s final at the All-England Club, Wimbledon on 6 July 2014, and associated hospitality from Imperial Tobacco, valued at about £1,600 in total.[5]

External Resources

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