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About TobaccoTactics

TobaccoTactics was established in 2012 by the Tobacco Control Research Group at the University of Bath as a unique academic resource that monitors the tobacco industry and charts its influence in public health, scientific research, and policy regulation. This site provides public access to the rigorous on-going research of the Tobacco Control Research Group on the tobacco industry and its allies, mapping its efforts to distort public health policy and stall tobacco control legislation.

On TobaccoTactics you can find information on the tactics used by the industry to promote a pro-tobacco agenda as well as information on the organisations, institutions, and people the industry collaborates with, including front groups and third parties who lobby on its behalf. You can also find information on current topics such as Plain Packaging and read about how international tobacco companies have strategically facilitated the smuggling of their products to promote business.

TobaccoTactics also addresses the need to monitor the activities of the tobacco industry as necessitated by Article 5.3 of the World Health Organisation’s Framework Convention on Tobacco Control, an international public health treaty that 180 countries are party to. If you’re new to TobaccoTactics, visit the Key Topics on the home page to view our research on current tobacco-related issues, peruse the What’s New section to get updated on the latest developments, or search for a specific topic in the Search Bar on the left side of the screen.

You can read this statement by Professor Anna Gilmore, Director of the Tobacco Control Research Group, for more information on the background of TobaccoTactics.

Who Uses TobaccoTactics?

TobaccoTactics is relevant for anyone and everyone who has an interest in tobacco control legislation and the tobacco industry. Our users are multidisciplinary and international and include: public health experts, advocacy organisations, campaigners, lobbyists, politicians, policymakers, journalists, civil society and other academics.

TobaccoTactics: A New Model of Knowledge Exchange

TobaccoTactics.org represents a new model of academic research dissemination. Its unique feature is that it enables preliminary research findings to be made publicly available faster than would occur via traditional academic outputs. We are constantly in the process of expanding TobaccoTactics.org as an exemplary and pioneering model of knowledge exchange.

Contact the TobaccoTactics Team

See our Contact Us page to get in touch with requests and queries. In addition, we always encourage feedback on the content and presentation of TobaccoTactics as well as guidance on what can be improved.

Do get in touch if you want to invite a member of the TobaccoTactics team to your conference to talk about our research or uncovering the tactics of the tobacco industry.

About the Tobacco Control Research Group

Based out of the University of Bath's Department for Health, the Tobacco Control Research Group (TCRG) is a multi-disciplinary group whose research centres around evaluating the tobacco industry’s influence on current public policies and public health outcomes. The Group is a member of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, one of five UK Public Health Research Centres of Excellence.

For more information on the Tobacco Control Research Group, see: