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The Liberty League describes itself as 'the UK’s umbrella network for freedom-loving think-tanks, societies and campaigns'. [1]

It says it "exists for students and professionals committed to the defence of freedom. The Liberty League acts as an organisation and a network for societies across the intellectual and political spectrum, helping to inform, recruit and develop supporters of liberty".[2]


It is run by:[3]

  • Will Hamilton, a War Studies student at King’s College London
  • Anton Howes, also a War Studies student at King’s College London
  • James Lawson, a politics, philosophy and economics student at Oxford University. He is also President-elect of the Oxford University Conservative Association and a former president of the Oxford Libertarian Society.

All three are members of the Adam Smith Institute's Next Generation project, "a social and intellectual hub for students and young professionals between the ages of 16 and 30" which brings together “like-minded individuals who are interested in classical liberal, free-market and libertarian ideas".[4] The Adam Smith Institute has a history of accepting funding from the tobacco industry.[5]

Freedom Forums


At the end of March 2012, the League held its "Freedom Forum" at Newcastle University. Speakers included, among others:


In 2011, the League held its inaugural Liberty League conference, hosted by the Institute of Economic Affairs and The Freedom Association. Speakers included, among others:


Liberty League’s website lists the following organisations as "part of our network":[8]

In June 2011 the League was one of several organisations that took part in a series of debates, called Voices of Freedom, at the Institute of Economic Affairs (which has a history of being funded by the tobacco industry) in London, organised by The Free Society.[9]


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